Detox is the first step for people with the true desire to live an addiction-free lifestyle.

Trust our team to provide you with the counseling you need along with the world-class treatment people have come to expect of Ohio Drug Treatment.

“When my daughter went to detox at Ohio Alcohol & Drug Rehab, that was the beginning of her true recovery.”
Anonymous Mom,
“When I first arrived I was nervous, depressed, and without my family. The counselors showed me how to live again without the use of any substances. The entire staff was honest and supportive and helped me overcome my emotional distress. My 60 days there changed my life, and I am now happy, successful, and motivate to achieve my goals. I have since reunited with my family, married, and completed 100 hours towards my bachelor degree.  Treatment changed my life! “

Continuous use of drugs leads to addiction. If someone is addicted to using drugs, it means that the person cannot even work without taking them which is very dangerous and thus why rehabilitation is very important as it will help them to gradually stop using the drug. Addiction to any type of drugs may take someone’s life for a hurl. These days most of the people particularly the youth are involved into different types of substance abuse thereby ruining their lives.

Chemical Dependencies Are Treatable… With The Right Help

Drug addiction is a life-altering phenomenon − one that is both a complicated force of habit and an intense chemical dependency. Overcoming drug addiction and treating the damage caused to your body, mind and spirit requires far more than a cookie-cutter approach.

We tailor your drug rehabilitation plan to you and combine at least the following treatments:

  • Detoxification, when needed. An important first step that cleanses your body
  • Medical counseling
  • Individual psychological counseling, family counseling and group therapy
  • Nutrition counseling, so you can start to rebuild your immune system
  • Diet planning, complete with healthy meals served on a reliable schedule

One-on-one counseling gives you a safe space where you can explore your underlying vulnerabilities, discover your strengths and grow empowered to deal with problems… without depending on substances.

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